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D-003 A08 housework - lime - agriculture: haystack
I-048 A12 grammar: - agriculture: In Lintzoain, except for the schoolmaster and the town hall administrator, everyone worked on the land.Even the spoonmakers would give part of the year over to working the land.The men would move from one place to another when they worked with the spade.Those who had a lot of land would prepare the fields that had bramble and they would hire out the land for three years.They would spray nitrates on the wheat.Some words: sickle, scythe, sheaf, bullet.Haycocks and fern.
I-048 B01 The haycocks were built near the houses. The fern was common to all, each had his portion. They also gathered up the fallen leaves.In Erro there were no haycocks. The land that they stopped tilling is now given over to woods of beech and pine trees.