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X-031 B02 agriculture: fertilizer The book "Laborantzaren liburua" or "Bi aita semeren solasak laborantzaren gainean".He usually goes around giving advice rather like the man in the book. It was written about 150 years ago in Basque.The passage which speaks about the fertilizer.
II-112a A03 There was a book that had some marvillous songs, but it disappeared and at that time those things were remembered orally. Those were times for songs after dinner, and not for writing books.
SK-006a A02 miscellaneous Introduction to the book about the topology of Pamplona.
IC-013a A01 traditions: loss Father Zabala said that each year he would bring out the book of someone from Oiartzun. This year he has brought out Iñaki’s one.The aim and reasons for writing the book. What he expects from it. It has been written so that the people who come after may know the way of life of a farmhouse.It relates the stories from the war without being critical. It relates many Christian stories and in these there is no complaint either.(10:40”) Remarks in the book. The loss of the old traditions and the social changes.Allusions to friends in the book.About his tastes and the verses.Where the inspiration comes from.