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X-011a A01 travel On the 5th of April the pensioners will go to “Montecillo”, a place where there are some bullpens. They will visit the Ribera area in the south and there will be a meal and a dance. Three hundred and fifty people are going.The time of departure and the organization of the coaches.(05:10") Some pensioners are in Las Palmas at present. They will return tomorrow.(06:10") They are preparing the trip to Benidorm at the moment. There are eighty places. The pensioners like Benidorm very much. They organize two trips there every year. (08:25") They still do the physical excercises. They will go to the Anaitasuna gym in Pamplona to do excercises. There will be an exhibition on show and they will eat in El Toro restaurant.The next trip planned is a one day excursion to Lourdes. (10:40") Benidrorm is very quiet and relaxing and they like the beach. Some people had never been until they retired. About the hotel and the food.They go on one-day excursions but they prefer to spend more time at one place as it is more relaxing.(14:40") They organize card games of “Mus”.