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II-064a A02 hunting The guns then were not as good as they are now. There are gadgets to clean them.The cartridges were much cheaper when homemade than when bought in a shop. Anecdote: the night that they killed forty pidgeons between the four brothers.The old guns that they used.The guns that were loaded from the top.The gadget that was used to make the cartridges was of a different size; or depending on the gun they were bought at the same time. At that time a gun cost five hundred pesetas.During the war the guns were hidden because the Germans confiscated them.Where the family guns were hidden.The year after the war there were lots of pidgeons.Some people breed pidgeons at home. He has never done it.He stopped using the gun because of his sight. His best memory is that day when he killed the most pidgeons.
II-103b A03 hunting They use to hunt “Hurrankan" (close up). They would watch the pidgeons perching and then they would make a move. They would have to wait for the pidgeons to perch on the trees. They would go to the oak tree and the beech trees. Because there they could find something to eat. They would also go to the ground to get the acorns which had fallen. If they were well hidden the pidgeons did not realize that the hunters were near.The most he hunted was eighty pidgeons.They were sold. There was a man who would come by to take them. At that time they were sold at a good price.They were gadgets to clean the guns. If it rained it was necessary to clean them each day.They bought the ammunition and made the cartridges at home.(20:12") The day they killed forty pidgeons between the four brothers.(23:11”) Before the guns were loaded from the top but he never knew that type of gun.The elements to make the cartridges would depend on the type of gun.