military service [7 results]

Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
D-071 A02
SU-005 A21
I-007 B3
SM-009 A10 miscellaneous They used to have a draw to see who would go to do the military service. It became obligatory in 1912.Afterwards he was working at home on the farm.They hardly did any smuggling.
IC-015b A01 miscellaneous - weather It has been a hard winter.He did the military service in Zaragoza and Pamplona.
II-069a A03 anecdote He got married before the war. Those who had already done the military service had to go to the General Call-up.What they learnt in the military service. At night they had to take care of the gas and by day the use to go from house to house to look after the gas and the electricity.He returned home from the military service. Then another brother went off as a soldier to Algeria. Anecdote.
IC-002a A02 anecdote When it was their turn to do the military service there were eight of them who were friends and four of those were called up at the same time. He was called up but he managed to get out of it. He paid to get free from it.