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X-005a A01 Complaints made in the March press conference: they continue to open public premises with architectural barriers in Pamplona. The awareness report which was to be sent to the architects has still not been sent. The Government of Navarra has still not got in contact with them in order to study the report about the barriers in the hospital. There is another coordinator in Tudela. They work, above all, in Pamplona and the surrounding areas. With regard to public transport, the Red Cross has five or six vehicles to carry out their service. They bring students to and from their towns and they also take old people. There are some eurotaxis in Pamplona.About a year ago they put six urban buses into service for the decapacitated.(07:36ö) There is a local law in force in Navarra which has three directives: one to eliminate architectural barriers, another for transport and a third about sensorial incapacitated people. On the one hand is the law, another thing is to keep to the law.(10:50ö) The grants to buy wheelchairs and suchlike vary depending on income and salaries. Help can also be received for putting the house in condition.(14:10ö) The politicians remember the minority groups during the elections, but in reality they do very little.(16:00ö) Goodbye and thanks.
X-005a A02 miscellaneous - travel A holiday schedule for the incapacitated. They have different choices: Italy, Paris and Benidorm. They can go alone or with a helper. It is the same coordinator who organizes it.The social security has organized the holiday program for the pensioners. The Government of Navarra, however, organizes the stay in the spas.The application process for places has changed for the trips with the social security. (22:50") News.
X-005b A02 money: The period for asking for economic help in the purchase of material for the incapacitated is now open.Among the requests which are made for these aids there are usually some false ones made.