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I-029 A06
I-029 A09
I-032 A01 grammar:
I-033a A05 grammar: - grammar: - grammar:
I-033a A07 grammar:
I-034 A05 grammar:
I-034 A07
I-079a A02 grammar:
I-078a A6
I-078b B6
I-066a A4
I-058 B9
I-058 A3
I-010 B1
I-006 A6
I-039 A06 grammar:
I-036 A08 grammar: - grammar:
I-062 B06 grammar:
I-014 B02 grammar: - grammar:
I-069b A06 grammar:
I-060a A03
I-016b B05 grammar: - grammar:
I-011 B06 grammar:
I-073a A03 grammar:
I-022b A04
I-022b A02 grammar:
I-004 B07
I-023b B09 grammar:
I-023b A01
I-005 A11
I-005 A01
I-077b B11 grammar:
I-068a A10
I-036 B05 grammar:
I-036 B09 grammar:
I-056 A01 grammar:
I-056 A05 grammar:
I-056 B01 grammar:
I-046 A05 grammar: - grammar: Brother, brothers, cows, I want to eat some more, bacon, ham, God, night midnight, forty, eighty, put on the light, sin, peace, I am happy, the body is not well, shepherd, Friday, Sunday, Saturday, intestines, two, I will do this, I will tell the truth, boy, dirty, bean, peas, mud, cousin, he is a hard worker, this month, a thousand pesetas, witch, grasshopper, hair, sheep’s wool, moon, sun, nephew, the man did that, the priest has said mass, the priests have said mass, the son did the work, the sons did the work, I came on foot, I came with my son, I came with my sons, where are you going? I gave my son an apple, I gave my children an apple, I said that to the girl, I said that to the girls, this house is small, that man is tall, that girl is pretty, that person told the truth, this dog is bigger than the other one, they came from there, he came from there.
I-041 A05 grammar: Mezkiritz, Ardaitz, Itoiz, sky, world, head, eye, it is ugly, door, I was very tall, wind, arm, relatives, snake, neck, go out of the house, I don’t feel like it, I have hidden the sweets, the book fell down and I picked it up from the floor, to hide, to bury, they have put aside one child for the house, they remained at the doorway without entering, they left all the money to the children, to take, to find, clouds, to see, to know, to give, men, women, to undress, brother, cows, shepherd, lean bacon, sieve, rainbow, night, to light, peace, I am happy, Mr. To hit, gypsy, to go.
I-041 A07 grammar: - grammar: - grammar: Four, basket, Friday, another, intestine, Thursday, boy, girl, dirty, pea, a month, a thousand pesetas, a witch, hair, niece, the man did this, the men did this, the priest has said mass, the priests have said mass, the boy has done the jobs, the boys have done the jobs, I have come with my boy, I have come with my children, I am going home, Where are you going? I gave the boy the apple, I gave the children the apple, I have given that to the girl, I have given that to the girls, this house is small, that man is tall, that girl is pretty, that one told the truth, that boy is bad, in these houses it is cold, this man works a lot, I was born in this village, that field is ours, meadow, piece, grass-land.
I-091a A05 grammar: Ox, cow, calf, cock, boy, a boy, I have one boy, I have one girl, there is no priest in this village, that girl is pretty, that man is very big, that man does a lot of work, close the door, mouse, eye, ear, nose, lips, fingers, hands, at night, in the afternoon, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in the morning, at midday.
I-040 A06 What it is called, sky, world, head, eye, ugly, door, wind, long, arm, in the morning, relatives, snake, neck, to go out, to have nothing, clouds, see, give, to know, woman, undressed, brother, cows, they are pretty, shepherd, more, ham, bacon, God, night, midnight, beechtree, to put on the light, peace, I am happy, body, pimple, to go, festival, Sunday, Mr. To stick, gypsy, basket, five, Friday, intestine, Thursday, three, four, I will do that, I will tell the truth, I will be good, I will give, boy, dirty, mud, cousin, cousin, a month, a thousand, I have a pain, witch.
I-040 A07 grammar: The man did that, the men did that, the priest said mass, the priests said mass, I hit it with the hammer, I came with my son, I came with my children, I came with my daughter, I’m going home, where are you going to?
I-073b A05 grammar: Daughter, daughters, son, sons, bread, some bread, donkey, donkeys, hand, hands.
I-055 B02 grammar: To find, drum.The music at that time consisted of the chistu (flute) and drum and as well the accordion.Milk, aunt, basket.
I-027 B02 The word “entregu” (capable, skilled). Spring. To wash. Sharp knife. Furrow. Stinging nettles. Hoe. Handle. A mountain, I have seen an ox. A mountain. There is not a clean village. Who has arrived? Who lives here? We have arrived. A cow. A field. Girlfriend. A head. A mouse. A cat. Clear The sky is clear. The summer is over. Where did he have for dinner? Where did Pedro stay? Where did Maria appear? Where did we end up? Some men. A Christian. A night. A child. A pretty house. We were talking and the television turned itself off all of a sudden. How many rabbits are there? Not even one. What is two and two? How many are coming today? They are resting because they are tired. How many of us are there? Who did that? Me, at least. If we had money, we would buy a house. He knows as well. We do, you (sing.) do. Who knows? Who is bringing those things? Do not do anything. It is four o’clock. They are big. We are the best. We are people. We are from this house. Doubtlessly. We are young. We have no wine.