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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
D-035 A05 smuggling - anecdote - civil war - mill
D-035 A08 anecdote - civil war
IR-005 B08 war
M-005 A07 mill - war:
I-007 B9
I-047 A04 lifestyle - anecdote They used to buy a kilo of grapes between three of them and they would go to a place that was for the livestock called Kuatropea and eat them there. Manuel used to make necklaces and he would sell them there. During the day he worked in the fields and at night he used to make the necklaces.They knew what it was like to be in need. They also knew what it was like to go hungry after the war. To make the thing bigger they would put some potato in the bread dough.They had a big donkey.
SM-010a A05 The rationing did not arrive. In the village there was a mill and they would take the flour by night in stealth.They picked potatoes, cabbage, beans. They also had milk, they had four of five cows.