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D-017 A04 agriculture:
I-048 A10 When there was no mill in Lintoain they used to go to Ureta.They harvested wheat, vetch, oats. During the war they used a threshing machine. Before they used to do it in the threshing floor. If it was windy they winnowed the wheat.The thresher was wide and they tied it to the cows or oxen and they pulled it.On the thresher they put a shovel to collect the cowdung and keep it as manure.
I-048 A12 grammar: - haystack In Lintzoain, except for the schoolmaster and the town hall administrator, everyone worked on the land.Even the spoonmakers would give part of the year over to working the land.The men would move from one place to another when they worked with the spade.Those who had a lot of land would prepare the fields that had bramble and they would hire out the land for three years.They would spray nitrates on the wheat.Some words: sickle, scythe, sheaf, bullet.Haycocks and fern.