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X-032 B01 A contagious illness which affects the eyes. Contact between the animals makes it contagious and the flies spread it about. It affects animals that are inside or outside. When the sun shines the ultraviolet rays damage the cornea and the microbe can gain entrance more easily. The sun is very important in the case of the cows. It occurs more often in the summer. Everything is dryer and there are more flies and the sun is hotter.It seems at first as if something has just got into the eye but very soon it is found in other animals. It affects sheep, cows and goats especially.At first the eye is red, the eyelash is swollen and the eye is closed. It is painful and they look for places with less sunlight. The eyes water and become more sticky. It nearly always goes out the way it came in but the eye could be lost as the cornea is damaged. In order to cure it some biotics against clamyde and microplasms are needed. They can be injected, or applied with a pomade or spray or with an injection in the eye. It is necessary to take the animal to a dark place. It is a good idea to put on a patch. To anticipate the eye illness is not easy. There is a vaccine for cows but it has not been very successful. The only prevention is through antibiotics. It is worth giving the herd an injection so that the illness does not appear.