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II-111a A07 The "Bolant Dantza" has been danced many times and in many places. Normally it was danced in the square. What he likes best has always been any kind of carousing.
II-130b A04 carnival: - anecdote During the Carnivals they would do the "Bolant dantzak" and the "maskak". Some would have their faces covered, others would be dressed as women and others dressed as animals. There were also two "gorris" and two "abanderados". Nowadays the "Bolant Dantzak" is done at Easter. He danced after coming back from the war, both at the "gorri" and at the "bolante".The "zapurrak": go with their hatchets in front of the "bolantes" and the "zaldikos";"(little giants)."Atso eta tupinak" (Old women and Pots): one would go dressed up as a woman and the other with a skin on his shoulder and a hat filled with berries. In the square they had to try to get his hat off. (19.12ö) How they organized the show so as to try to get the hat off. First the dancers would dance and then with the rhythm of the drums they signalled the time for that part of the fun to begin.
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