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SM-010a A01 lifestyle Antonio was a shepherd in the States. He was there for thirteen years.Since his return he has always worked on the land for the house. They had cows, sheep and oxen. They sowed wheat, corn and vetch. They had eight or ten red cows and twenty or thirty sheep.All the goats from the village, fifty, were kept together. The goatsherd would take them up to the hills everyday and back again. As well as the wages from being a goatsman, the people would invite him to eat in their houses.
SM-010a A06 jobs: Most houses had some sheep. The sheep from all the houses except three, were looked after in the same flock by a shepherd as there were not so many in total. The shepherd would be fed in the different houses.The goatherd looked afer the goats. He was paid and fed in each house, depending on the goat they had.