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D-027 A01
D-027 A02 cowbell - cowbell - small bell
I-092 A09 animal husbandry: Types of sheep: lambs of less than one year, of two teeth, of four teeth, with all their teeth, without teeth.Different bells: "kalaxkak"small ones, "tunpak" big ones. The big ones were put on when it was necessary to take the sheep somewhere.
II-051a A03 jobs: The changed the roads and this brought about a big change: the arrival of cars. The huts were left empty. Now no more cheese is made. He does not see any future for the huts.(23:38") The bells are very important when it comes to bringing up or bringing down the sheep from the pass. Now they donĺt bring them down walking as they used to. Now the automobiles are used for everything.