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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
IR-005 A09
IR-006 A02
IR-015 A01 school
M-001 A02
N-065 A01 lifestyle
IC-002b A03
IC-002c A06 when she was young she would spend from Monday to Friday in the cabin looking after the cows. She spent her youth happily in the cabin.
N-049 A01 She liked school but she did not go very often as she had to help at home. Although they had very little, they lived happily. Recreation time was after the rosary where the boys and girls would gather together for a while. In those days the people were happier and more value was given to things. She has always liked to dress and do herself up well. She is very grateful to her mother because she was very demanding about keeping the house clean. She liked to go to fiestas but she had to finish her chores at home and on the land.
II-067b B12 fairs - market - jobs:
II-135a A12
II-088b B10 school - school: studies - Basque language:
II-088b B12 work:
II-088b B15 school - improviser of verses: - night school
II-140b B13 dance - religion - work:
II-140b B15 dance - religion
II-009b B10 lifestyle:
II-006b B08 dance - fairs - women:
II-006b B09 dance - dance:
ATBO-001 A01 lifestyle - hildhood
ATBO-001 A05 village