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II-116a A01 jobs: shopkeeper Introduction. How the shopgirls used to work and their sewing machines.(02:00") As soon as they learnt how to sew they found work. The machine that they used was not mechanical, it was worked with the hands and the feet. She like sewing very much. The cloth was sold by the meter. Preparing the pieces for the "etxe-sartzeak" (the change of house on getting married).They also used to work at night with petrol lamps. When someone was going to get married she would work all night to have the suit just right. At that time, both the men and the women got married in black. The complements and the tiara which they wore on top were also made by them. She learnt how to make them from her mother and the other shopgirls.
II-116a A05 fabrics - jobs: shopkeeper They would buy the cloth from travelers passing through or in Bayonne. The types of cloth before and nowadays. The sheets were made of linen. In order to make delicate trousers a special linen was used. She never went from house to house to do sewing. They would get up at six in the morning and they were sewing until 11.30 at night.
II-116a A07 sew: sewing machine Each would bring their own cloth and the work was just to make the clothes. When she started she bought a mechanical machine with a pedal. How she bought the machine.She made sufficient from the dressmaking to live on, being careful with the money.(41:30") Goodbye.
IC-004a A01 She learnt to sew with the priestĺs mother. Twelve girls got together to learn it. They would only sew by hand as they were not allowed use the sewing-machine. One of the girls turned out to be a very good dressmaker later on. The speaker used to sew for her house and for some other houses too. At that time no clothes were bought. The cloth was bought and the clothes were made or given to a dressmaker who worked in the valley. Later there was a shop opened in the village with a tailor who made clothes there. At that time there were few clothes shops in Pamplona.