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II-095b A01 candles Introduction: Customs of Lent and Carnival.They would buy large candles and they would be blessed in the church and they would sprinkle a little of it on the backs of all those in the house in the Name of the Father. They would go to church with the candle and you blessed yourself with some drops from it. The same was done to the chicken house, the rabbit warren and the rest. It was done so that no harm would come to anybody or anything. Then the candle was broken up and burnt. When anyone died at home, they would go the church all week with the blessed candle. It was kept lit during the whole mass.
II-095b A04 Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. As well as having the body clean it is also necessary to have the mind clean. Before, they used to keep vigil. It was not possible to eat meat on Friday. They would eat hake or trout. The other days it was not necessary to do anything special, except to pray more.
II-132b A01 carnival: Introduction: The carnivals before the war. It was a time of great fun for young people. (02:30”) They would dress up and go with an accordion riding on a donkey and they would go from house to house begging for things so as to have a dinner together. They girls would try to guess who was who and have a laugh at them.They would go inside the houses with the donkey. (06:25”) It was only the young men who would do things; the girls did not participate.The girls were in the kitchens making pastries. The recipe.(09:30”) At that time many kids would make their communion and then go off to work as serving boys or girls. Those who stayed at home would enjoy themselves in a different manner than the young of today: masses, evening prayers, sewing in the sacristy…The young boys would play pelota and they would have to be at home by seven o’clock.The carnival would finish on the Tuesday. Ash Wednesday was the start of prayers for the whole of Lent.
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