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D-057 A23 rattles
D-057 A04
D-062 A07
IR-003 A06 religion:Lenten
IR-007 B09 religion:Lenten
IR-008 B08 day:
II-095b A03 religion: (19:45") When the Tuesday of Carnival was over, Ash Wednesday started the Lent period. The dust from the house was taken to the church to be blessed. Everyone was given a sign of the cross on the forehead with the dust. On doing this they use to say: ôDust thou art and dust thou will become.ö But now they say: "Jinkoaren jauzi da eta heda zazu begi ona" (God has come down to dispense goodness). She has always done that and she still does it.
N-001 A05 When she was young at Eastertime they would go from house to house with their rattlers asking for pins in order to make the monument. When the religious service was over they would go out to the street to play. When they became older they would stay in church at prayer.