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SM-006b A05 jobs: Marcos’s introduction. He is a spoon-maker. He also worked at wood and making coal. In his youth there were seventeen families of spoon-makers in the village. They sent them to Gerona and to Valencia. They went to Aezkoa, Orbara, Garralda...for the boxwood. That kind of wood is used because it is harder and doesn’t lose color. Tools: hatchet saw, wooden hammer, "zeilua", "lantzekoa", "marraza" (big knife), knife.They were paid three and a half pesetas for 145 spoons. They were sent mostly to Gerona. There, in the factory, they would be given the final touches. They were sent in a rough shape. Now it takes him an hour and a half to do one spoon.He also does forks, but it is more difficult. They are easier to break while at work on them. Nowadays there is an abundance of wood because there are not many spoon-makers now.