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SD-004a A05 medicine: The midwife in Lakuntza was Elvira, who came from a house of midwives. She use to cure ligament problems. She cured them by using just a kind of liquid, like a kind of olive oil and with her fingers. There used to be also another woman in Lekuntza who cured certain illnesses, using poultices;: swellings, sore throats etc.Sebastian had an infection and the doctor’s pills were not having much effect. A friend gave him birch and told him to drink two infusions per day with it.
SD-004a A02 medicine: Gregorio knew the doctor, José de Uitzi. That man did not know how to read or write. The year before the war started the mayor of Valencia came to him. He had a ten year-old son who had one leg shorter than the other. They brought him to José and he said, as was his custom, that the problem was simple. He stretched the short leg so that it was the same as the other. (12:40") An uncle of Gregorio’s had his piles cured by him. And the same man came out of the war with his wrist out of action and the man cured it for him.A woman from Oiartzun was very ill and they said that she wouldn’t last past midnight. José cured her.
SD-004a A01 medicine: Apolonia Uriarte Arteagagoitia lived in Kukularra and she got married to Mendibil. Many people would go to her to get her cures. Anecdotes about what happened to some people. There are still people in Leioa who know rural medicine.