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I-021 A04
I-095b B03
N-035 A01 franquismo
I-073b A10 The young people say everything in Spanish and in Latasa even more so.Her two daughters did not know Spanish when they started school and they were taken for idiots. Her father never knew Spanish.Her teacher was told that nobody knew Spanish in the village. When he arrived he said that he did not want to hear a word in Basque. That was when Spanish started to come into the village. Don Gregorio, the priest, has always said mass in Spanish. In Goldaratz and Etxaleku the mass was said in Basque.
IR-020 A02
IC-002b A02 lifestyle
IC-012 A07 Basque language: - Basque language: behaviour to euskara
IC-006a A06
IC-001 A02 It is a great pity that the Basque language is being lost. She is the last speaker in her family. A grandaughter says that she is going to learn, but that Basque is different. The Basque from Salazar is rough and ready and that is why she does not want to speak it. On the other hand, the Basque from San Sebastian is very clear.
IC-001 A09 At that period of the war, the boys and girls always spoke in Basque to one another, but most of them are dead now. The Basque language has been lost because the young people did not want to speak it. Her son used to speak Basque but no longer does so. She herself does not speak it because she never goes outside the house.
IC-002c A02 They did not speak Basque in The Roncal. In Aezkoa they did, but few people speak now. She does not understand the Basque from Aezkoa because it is different. The last Basque speakers from Salazar are in Jaurrieta and in Ochagavía, but they are very few.
IC-003c A05 He has always spoken in Spanish to the people from The Roncal. There, the Basque language got lost earlier than in the Salazar. Here, it has been lost earlier than in Aezkoa, and although quite a bit is spoken in Aezkoa, there is more Basque spoken in The Baztan. Many years ago Basque was spoken in every village from here to Lumbier. Eight or nine people know Basque in Jaurrieta. He used to speak Basque with his wife but gradually they got into the habit of speaking to each other in Spanish.
IC-010b A04 (The sound of hammer blows in the background). The Basque language began to be lost before the war, and then after the war, the impetus only worsened. Those who had started to learn began to give it up because if it is not spoken it is not learnt.
IC-016c A05 The young people don’t speak Basque but most of them understand it. During these last years everything is said in Spanish in the street. They used not allow the people to speak in Basque and in the books everything was written in Spanish. In the village there are some boys and girls of thirteen or fourteen years who do not know one word of Basque although their parents can speak Basque. When the priests were Basque speakers they would teach Christian Doctrine in Spanish and when the liturgy was changed and Latin was erased, even though the priest spoke Basque, he used Spanish.
N-001 A02 At school they always spoke in Spanish, and in the street too. When she was little, the guards in the town did not want to hear any Basque spoken. That is why the custom of speaking Basque in the street died out, but at home they always spoke in Basque.
N-014 A01 How they baked bread at home.