winter [9 results]

Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
D-033 A02 weather
I-001 B05 housework
IR-005 B06 weather:
M-004 A07 Weather and the winter snows.
SR-009 A09 disease
I-005 A10 weather:
II-051b A05 jobs: (38:10") The hardest winter he has known. The problems of trying to take the milk by mule and cart.
IC-014a A09 The winter nights. The men looked after the livestock and the woman did knitting. They would go to bed early. When the radio came in then they would go to bed later.
IC-014a A17 This year it has been a very good winter, but it is still wintertime. Lately, there have not been any hard winters but four or five years back they were isolated for eight or ten days.