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D-003 A16 nutrition: - nutrition:
M-006 A03 house: names
X-027 A06 locality:
II-129b A05 On market days there would be a lot of people in the tavern. On fair days they would sing there. They had to work and so they could not go outside but they could follow all that was going on. Nowadays the way of life and the lifestyle of the young has changed a lot. Ambition has made people change. Now everyone works for themselves. Before, they would work house by house together. During fiestas they would prepare soup and meat with tomatoe for lunch.In the killing of the pig all the neighbors would participate. The men would sing at the table. When they peeled the corn they would all sing too. On those occasions there was permission to stay out later. They used to be working until one or two in the morning while they told stories.To celebrate the New Year, postcards and letters were exchanged. They would do it behind the backs of their parents.