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N-050 A02 In the ikastolas (Basque language schools) they are doing some great work with the children to keep the language alive, but they change over to Spanish.He believes the language should not be lost and he thinks it is right to let them have the choice. The idea of using a standardized form of Basque, the batua, is a good idea in order to save the language, but he prefers the Basque spoken in his village.Those who study in Basque can mix up the batua and the language of the village.He speaks Basque or Spanish depending on the situation.
IC-017b A01 Where Lizarragabengoa is. The sound of the verbs changes from village to village. With people from outside she can never speak as comfortably as with people from the village. She goes towards the standardized form in those cases (in the recording she speaks in standard form of Basque). When speaking to people from Vizcaya she does not understand some words, but she gets the general sense.