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I-018 B03 grammar: - grammar:
I-020 A05 grammar: - grammar:
I-044b B3
I-069b A06 grammar:
I-077b B11 grammar:
I-073b A05 grammar: Daughter, daughters, son, sons, bread, some bread, donkey, donkeys, hand, hands.
I-044c A03 When he was a boy, not a single word of Castilian was spoken in the village. Even religious acts were held in Basque. At school, however, everything was in Castilian. They taught doctrine in Castilian at school and in Basque in the church. When he grew up, things like “speak in Christian” started to be heard. Not knowing Castilian was considered worthy only of the stupid and uncivilised. For this reason and also as a result of the repression, a great many mothers started to speak to their children in Castilian. The speaker’s mother could not speak Castilian. Castilian is gaining ground in Basque-speaking villages. The Basque language is maintained well in Urdiain thanks to J.M. Satrustegi. Basque is losing ground in villages that the main road passes through.
I-044c A07 (Plurals) Old, rats, roofs, hens, daughters, birds, black, cousins, good, widowers, loaves of bread, dogs, donkeys, pigs, young, sons, cabbages, the deaf, cats, apples, sheep, chickens, garlic, men.