animal husbandry: [13 results]

Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
I-019c B11 housework
IR-005 B16
SM-007b B02
SM-007b B05
I-036 A07
I-023a A07
SM-010a A09 animal husbandry: It is necessary to brand the livestock every year; the cows in Urepel and the sheep in Sorogain. In summer there are no sheep; they are branded on the 20th of September and brought up. The cows are branded on the 25th of May.It is necessary to pay per head for keeping the animals in Sorogain. Those from the valley also pay, but only half.
I-048 A09 miscellaneous He had livestock.
I-048 B16 anecdote They had the livestock in the barns on the hills. When they went with the food they had a hard road to follow. Sometimes some sheep would be missing.One time four men went out in search of the sheep and they split up into groups of two. They were out in the snow and with a blizzard blowing.
I-090a A04 grammar: Horns, in front, behind, the cartwheel, so that it would pass over the head, quiet, on the left, a stick with a point, threshing-machine, shovel.Names of cows: Gorri (red), Zuria (white)...With the sheep he used all the languages.
I-090a A06 grammar: Dealer, colt, filly, to shoe, blacksmith, carpenter, witch, at a gallop, at a trot.
IC-003b A06 jobs: - nutrition: - animal husbandry: - agriculture: fodder There are few people left with livestock. Most of the young people work in factories. He has been making spoons since he was a child. But it was also necessary to do the chores of the house. In his time he knew of sixteen spoonmakers in the village. Now not one remains. They would send them to Valencia or Gerona with just a rought shape. How they worked in the mountains.Now they have dairy cows. Cows require grass and that takes up time. The hay is gathered in the summer for the winter months. With what they make from selling milk, they buy fodder, but it is very expensive.
I-092 A16 grammar: - rut Cultiveated ground, meadow, fields.About the Romance of Roncesvalles.Gray, colorful, tinted with several colors. A sheep that has black specks is "nabarra". Nightfall is "ilunabarra".Ram, kept as a ram, female, to be in heat, mare, cow, sheep, goat, pig, bitch.