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X-031 A03 Mastitis or mamitis: This normally occurs in the summer and in the cattle. It effects the front udders above all. The cows can lose their calf. It it is not treated the cow can die too. The most direct treatment is penicilin. Almost all the treated parts are lost. It is a good idea to milk that udder from the first as many bacteria are extracted. But the cow won’t allow it. In those cases, the best thing to do is to cut the tip of the udder because the pus will come out itself then. It is contagious so it is best to isolate the animal from the others. Prevention is not easy. If the hills are dirty then it is easier to wound the udder and this makes it easy to catch the illness. In high places there are less flies. Through the use of claspers it is possible to apply a treatment which extends through the skin. But in the udders there is no sweat so that it does not stick. Applied with sulphur it can be applied to any spot. The most effective is to inject the antibiotic in the udder. If the bactería enter, it will die.That kind of fly does not normally move within the barns nor at night either. Consequently, if you keep the cows in during the day and let them out at night there is less danger.
X-031 B01 disease: Disinfection of the udders. One of the best preventions to control the mamitis.It is done before and after milking the cow. How the disinfection is carried out. Methods products and utilization.Five types of products: iodine products, ammonium quaternario compounds, clorexidine, hypocloride and DDBS.Three objectives must be attained: to kill the bacteria, to kill the bacteria in the udder wounds, and to cure the skin of the udder.The bacteria could remain in the milking machinary and could contaminate seven or eight cows.The products should be applied as soon as possible after taking off the tit holder and take advantage of the fact that the tit is still open so that the product gets inside it.The third aim of the product is to cure the skin of the udder. This skin is very dry as there are no glandular sebaceous. The products contain substances to treat the skin.