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II-095b A06 (40:05") They would also make "libertimenduak" (masks?): they would go to a different village each Sunday. In Eiheralarre and in Uharte-Garazi there was a lot of that during a certain period. Some young people would go from house to house begging. They needed time to prepare the libertimenduak", the time to do some rehearsals. It was done every year for seven or eight years all the Sundays of Carnival.Costume: white shirt, colored bands down the back, pretty scarves, white trousers with ribbons, a stick in the hand with rattlers on the ends and the traditional footwear.(46:20") Goodbye.
II-132b A02 improvised verse There used to be a "libertimenduak" where the people would sing verses. Some of those verses: a conversation between boys and girls.(23:38") In Eiheralarre they also had "libertimenduak" during six or seven years.On the suits they would have some real gold on them: white shirts, pretty neckties, ribbons on the back, white trousers with spats…About the “zapurrak”, the giants and other elements.
II-060b B11 dance - dance:
II-060b B16 dance - dance: - clothes:
II-060b B18 galarrotxak
II-057a A09 festivals - dance - dance:
II-057a A10 festivals - dance
II-061a A11 war - game: