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IR-009 A05
II-173b A01 Introduction.(01:57") He was born in the square in Lekorne. He has always lived there as a blacksmith. Like all the rural children, he used to play pelota, although he did not have much free time as there was work to do at home. He was the only child of that age in the square but on Sundays he would meet up with other children of his age.The pelota balls were made by hand.He went to school in Hazparne. They began to play in inter-school competitions. Then he gradually got to know other pelota courts and to play more. Trainers. Anecdote.
II-173b A03 Each person has their own characteristics in their hands. When the hands became painful, the best remedy was to rest them. He has also suffered from pains in his hands.He came on a long way. He had some very good playing colleagues. First he became champion of Euskal Herria and then later, of France. That second year he played with Fr. Erramuspe. His career and progress. Anecdotes. At seventeen he put on the white trousers for the first time and at fifty seven he played his last match.All his memories of pelota are good ones.
II-173b A05 The best memory was the Cambo game. The following year they also played a very good final.He has played with all the best pelota players. Although he played against them, they helped him a lot, by giving advice and showing him things. Playing against the best players makes one a better player. (41:30ö) A comparison between the players of old and the present-day ones. In the old days all of them came from the rural areas and so were naturally fit. Nowadays, they all have to train. But you can never really say that one was better than the other. In the old days the pelota balls were made by hand. Now they are made with a machine and so they all come out the same.He still keeps up with the pelota play of today.(46:30") Goodbye.
II-060b B15 game: