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II-086b A01 song Introduction: Martin Olhats, who worked on the land and in the vineyards, sings old songs.The verses which they sang at a famous game of pelota.An article that Mariano Izeta wrote about that game of handball. Lapurdi won the game and the crowd from Guipuzcoa lost a lot of money. The archbishop of Pamplona punished Gamio, the handball player, for playing without his permission. He spent a lot of time in Lapurdi until he had served his punishment. But the people from Lapurdi appreciated him a lot and they gave him a white horse as a gift. He returned to Ciga, his place of birth, on the white horse. He never played again but he would travel about to all the places where there was a game on his white horse. (07:30") Verses.(13:10") How he learnt the verses. Anecdotes.
II-061a A11 war - carnival: