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IR-023b A01
IR-024a A05
XH-026 A02 (16:10") Recipes: candies and strawberry ice.
X-003 B02 Fried milk: mix a cold liter of milk, add five spoonfuls of sugar, cinnamon or lemon and five spoonfuls of flour. Cook it and then put it on as wide a frying pan as possible. Cut into pieces and fry it with flour and egg. Disperse some sugar over it.
IR-014a A02 grammar:
IC-004a A05 She learnt to cook by herself. Without any books or anyone to show her. If the ingredients are good, the food is good. A recipe to make stewed lamb. Put the meat in a pot with a piece of garlic per kilo of meat and then add some parsley. When the meat is cooked, add some tomatoe, peppers and potatoes. With cooking salt it comes out better.
II-009b B08 carnival: - religion: - nutrition:
II-082b B09 nutrition:
II-082b B11 nutrition: