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I-092 A10 disease - medicine: The sheep infections were cured by boiling the bark of an elm tree.When their eyes became white as a result of the infection, some lavender was cut to measure and it was inserted in the eye. Within a couple of days it began to get better because the puss started to come out. To get rid of a rash from the skin in the sheep sulphur with flour was applied.A heart stroke in humans was cured with bloodsuckers. They were placed on a vein and it swoll up as if it would explode.When they had a ôpuntaö (a coin was placed inside a glass along with cotton soaked in alcohol and it was set alight to make the glass suck it in).There were vets at that time to help with the birth of the young animals.The pigs who were about to be born would choke to death inside because of the hair.How they saved them. When the cows had carbuncle, the back was opened and salt was put on.A heifer had a stroke. One vet told him to kill it and another one cured it.Those who lived close to Nature knew more about it, but they have all gone now.