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SM-005a A01 medicinal herbs - medicine: For spots: a glass of olive oil with another of lard both fried with rosemary.For bones: burn some bones and take the ashes while still fasting in the morning. Toothache: To burn some elder.Chamomile for the eye. Santonina for those children who suffer of tape-worms.Ear-ache: garlic fried in oilMistletoe for the blood pressureFor rheumatism: garlic nine days in a row, with the quantity increasing by day and then another nine days with a corresponding descrease in the quantity each day. Raw at breakfast.Cooked Nettles for blood pressure. Small amount because it drops quickly. Broken bones or ligaments “zainarte belarra” broken up and inserted between bindings.Mint Grass for colds.“Oskar belarra” for pimples.“Andura” for sciatica.Marshmallow for colds and for blood pressure. Also hollyhock.Laziness for flu.Raw Sorrel for the stomach.“Txikuri belarra” (dandelion) for the kidneys.Bruises, Swellings, mumps... a glass of wine, with a spoonful of oil and flour with bran and rue. Put the poultice on the painful spot. Don´t put it on the appendix.
X-031 B03 disease: The cow has given birth and it has its udders full of warts. They disappear on their own but it could take up to a year.It was have difficulties to be milked. Solution: prepare a vaccine. Pomades. Homeopatic products. Give an anaesthetic and take out the warts with a scalpel.Traditional treatments: put a toad in a bottle and by the time it dies the warts will have disappeared. The toad takes four or five months to die and in this time the warts would have been able to disappear from their own accord.
I-092 A10 disease - nature The sheep infections were cured by boiling the bark of an elm tree.When their eyes became white as a result of the infection, some lavender was cut to measure and it was inserted in the eye. Within a couple of days it began to get better because the puss started to come out. To get rid of a rash from the skin in the sheep sulphur with flour was applied.A heart stroke in humans was cured with bloodsuckers. They were placed on a vein and it swoll up as if it would explode.When they had a “punta” (a coin was placed inside a glass along with cotton soaked in alcohol and it was set alight to make the glass suck it in).There were vets at that time to help with the birth of the young animals.The pigs who were about to be born would choke to death inside because of the hair.How they saved them. When the cows had carbuncle, the back was opened and salt was put on.A heifer had a stroke. One vet told him to kill it and another one cured it.Those who lived close to Nature knew more about it, but they have all gone now.
X-003 A01 Radio competition: Cures and traditional customs.The way to remove ice-cream stains from clothing.(02:20”) On the day of San Juan the herbs were blessed and then they were used to fight illnesses. The leaves and branches which had been gathered were thrown into the bonefires on the night of San Juan and the people jumped over the flames saying : "sarna fuera ona barnera, gaiztoa kanpora San Juan eta San Pedro balirakigula" .On Palm Sunday after mass, the palm was placed at the window of the house to keep away the illnesses.(05:53”) To stretch a jersey put it in hot water.To keep out the flies from the kitchen, cut a lemon in half and put ten cloves inside it.(08:20”) copper should be cleaned with tomatoe.(09:45”) For mosquito bites apply a recently cut onion to the wound. (10:55”) To take off chewing gum from clothes use petrol without oil.(12:20”) To keep flies out of the house, cook eucalyptus and the smell will keep them away.(13:48”) Cook spinach and drain the water when it has become lukewarm or cold. Wash one’s face with this in order to have a clean skin.(14:55”) to wipe off makeup from a shirt collar spray some talcum powder on it and brush it off with a brush.(15:30”) when your nail gets a bang or blow, put it in bleach so that it doesn’t turn purple. (16:34”) To get rid of a toothache rub on saffron. If you are in the mountain, chew the bark of an ash tree as if it were chewing gum.(17:44”) When a mosquito bites, put on a drop of corrosive water.(18:20”) In the case of a mosquito bite, take some clean earth and rub it in to prevent swelling.(18:38”) Daub the affected area with oil and the caper will come out itself. (19:12”) for cleaning kitchen tiles use ammoniac.(19:50”) To get rid of a stomach ache, heat a cloth and lay it over the affected area.(20:48”) To get rid of the smell and taste of burnt lentils, take them off the heating and put in some vinegar to the pot and reheat during five minutes.(22:10”) To get rid of cramp in the legs drink water and sugar after a walk.A cold needs eight days to be cured. Notwithstanding, honey and lemon help a lot.(24:43”) To keep rashers in good condition, after they are unsalted and cleaned, put vinagre on them before hanging them up and this will prevent flies coming near.(26:40”) In order to conserve the -.------- for the winter, put a kilo of sugar in water and keep them fifteen days with the stalks covered.(28:30”) To keep a tan for a long time, melt hard soap in water and when you are having a suntan, rub it on as if it were a cream.(29:40”) If you put a lemon in the microwave oven for one minute it gives more juice.
X-003 B01 advices To take away boils, fry onion on the grill and add a drop of olive oil. Place it on the spot and hold it there with a plaster or bandage wrapping. By the following morning the boil will have burst.(02:45”) For mosquite bites, put some leaves of rosemary in alcohol and rub it on the spot. To get rid of a bad smell on your hands, clean them with lemon or vinegar.(03:50”) Dry figs by putting them in a box with flour and paper.(05:00”) To avoid watery eyes when cutting onion, turn the tap on and cut the onion near the flowing water.(06:30”) To cure mouth sores, put some bicarbonate in water and rinse your mouth twice a day with it.(07:25”) To make snakes: take a hair by the root and put it in still water. On the fourth day it will begin to move.(08:52”) To clean wooden utensils, place them for two hours in bleached water and add water.(09:40”) To clean windows use newspaper instead of ragcloths.(10:10”) When a bee stings, wet some earth and rub it on the spot.(10:45”) By rubbing their backs the toads will open their mouths and then you can put a cigarette in their mouth.(11:40”) Things of gold can be cleaned with bicarbonate and water and leave them without drying.(12:40”) To clean copper utensils the best thing to use is a tomatoe.(14:12”) To avoid watery eyes from cutting onion, put some vinegar drops on the table or on the cutting board.(15:45”) To avoid the nose getting closed put mint in the room.(17:30”) To cook a cherry dessert: place them in a jar with sugar and water. Then cook them in the jar in boiling water.(18:56”) So that soft drinks don’t lose their fizz, place the bottles upside down.(20:45”) Having a cold: cook an onion well, place it on a cloth without water and add two spoonfuls of natural honey. Place it on the chest overnight. If you put the slips of the chrysanthemum under the ground now, next year they will give some lovely flowers. Be careful of daddylonglegs. (23:10”) In order to get the red beans to become gruelly, it is necessary to leave them soak in oil and onion the day before. Add a potato cut in half when cooking and when the beans are cooked take out the potato and mash it with a fork and put it back in the pot.(24:35”) To get the kiwis to mature, put them in with golden apples.(25:55”) To get rid of fleas, cook leaves of “giltxaur” (almond?) in four liters of water and then bathe.(26:50”) To keep flowers fresh longer mix a little urine with the water.
N-007 A04 When they used to go fishing they would sometimes come across bloodsuckers. By placing them on a wound they would suck away the dirt from the wound.
SM-012b A06 One of her legs has been paining her for the past twenty years. She has tried various cures but they have not cleared up the thing.
SN-002a A13 “Castañas comer, pitarra beber, tirriki-tarraka no te detener” (Chestnuts to eat, pitarra to drink, tirriki-tarraka will not stop). They used to eat chestnuts a lot before and they also used to give them to the pigs. There are hardly any left now because the chestnut trees have dries out. They also used to gather ferns. They spent a month collecting ferns. They do not collect so much nowadays. People go to work in the factories.