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IR-005 A10
IR-005 A14
IR-005 B18
IR-006 A01 charcoal - jobs: - sawmill
SK-007a A01 Larreko Homage to Larreko (Fermin Irigarai) from Euskaltzaindia in Auritz/Burguete.(05:00") Article written by Larreko about the Etxepare book.(10:00") Letters written by members of Euskaltzaindia and other messages.(18:40") The result of the Xenpelar verse competition.(21:15") Father Inza speaks about the period of Larreko.
SK-007b A01 Larreko Father Inza speaks about the period of Larreko.(08:40") Pierre Lafitte will speak on the following theme: Larreko as a Basque writer.(24:30”) The dissertation from Eusebio Erkiaga about Larreko as a man.
SK-008a A01 Larreko A continuation of the talk by Eusebio Urkiaga on Larreko as a man.(10:13")A greeting from Amadeo Marko the President of the Navarra Diputation (in Spanish).(20:25”) Words from Lafitte.(26:45”) Words from the mayor of Baigorri.(28:40”) The gratitude of a man from Guipuzkoa.(31:50”) The situation of Auritz/Burguete and the valley.
X-002 B02 Tributes paid to Maurizio Elizalde. He was paid at least 17.