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S-014b A05 beliefs - religion: On Holy Saturday a fire was lit at the door of the church. They would go home and light the “new fire”. They would take holy water home in a bottle. When her mother died her father took the bottle of holy water to the cementary and left it there as an offering to her mother.The whole house was blessed with that holy water.Three different types of herbs were picked and when the bells began to ring, they were put under the mattress so as to be kept free of witches during the whole year.With the arrival of San Miguel the women used to go out and bless the fields.When the bells of Santa Agueda were rung, they would go to Santa Bárbara. There they would light a fire.On the night of San Juan they would also light a fire. They would go to the healthy well and make chocolate.Saint Peter and Saint John were the happy saints.