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II-086a A02 agriculture: (09:50") There were vineyards where he was when he was young and he learnt to work in them. They used to set traps to catch birds. His brother used to make them to put in the villages and that is how he learnt. As bait they would put down walnuts. How he made the traps. Now he sells them.(21:10") The traps are set in the vineyard in August. It is necessary to check them every day because the birds inside need to be removed.When he had his vineyard he also put down traps. It is the best way to trap the birds.
II-086a A03 nutrition: As well as having a vineyard he also made wine. They would stamp on the grapes and put the must in kegs. They would get about eight hundred or nine hundred pints per year. He used to sell it. The people would come with cans. (30:25") It was necessary to take measures to ensure that the vines did not catch an disease. One time when the grape was maturing something happened. There was a butterfly that would perch under the leaves and contaminate the essence of them.He made some good wine.The vines need a lot of care and it is necessary to look after them everyday.(41:17") Goodbye.
II-145a A01 Introduction.(02:25”) He has known the vineyards since he was a kid, as there were some in every house in his village. Wine was not made to be sold but only for consumption at home.When he was a child there were many classes of vine, besides the “noa” but he does not remember them. The “noa” produced white grape and this was not nice to eat but it did serve to make for good wine.
II-145a A03 At that time the work was done with the animals and with one’s hands.They would plant in March or April. How they used to do the work.(12:40”) How they used to do the grafting. A vineyard can last for a hundred years. The one in his house was set down in 1914 and it was used up until 1980. The pruning was done in winter.The other tasks and questions to take into account.(17:35”) In the old days they used to say that when the vine was in flower it was not possible to tie. He was in a house as a serving boy. The master told him to tie down with the vineyard still in flower. Anecdote. He didn’t notice any difference. People say that cutting should be done when the new moon is out. He does not pay any attention to that as he has got his own system.
II-145a A07 If the weather is good, the vines do not catch any disease. In the old days there were less diseases than exist nowadays, so that there were some very good years. During the grapepicking they would sing. During the days of the cornharvesting they also had long enjoyable sessions. Nowadays everything is done very fast. (45:30") Goodbye.