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I-095b B15
II-086a A03 agriculture: As well as having a vineyard he also made wine. They would stamp on the grapes and put the must in kegs. They would get about eight hundred or nine hundred pints per year. He used to sell it. The people would come with cans. (30:25") It was necessary to take measures to ensure that the vines did not catch an disease. One time when the grape was maturing something happened. There was a butterfly that would perch under the leaves and contaminate the essence of them.He made some good wine.The vines need a lot of care and it is necessary to look after them everyday.(41:17") Goodbye.
II-145a A05 There have been diseases, but he has not seen any.(23:10ö) They would pick the grape in October. They would put them in big vats and they would press the grape with their feet. Later they bought a machine and they would do it at the vineyards. They would take it home and put it in a ôzubanaö (big barrel). They would mix the red and the white grape. They would check the fermentation and they would take it out in November or thereabouts. Then they would put the must in barrels. They would leave it until the beginning of December with air, and then they would cover it well. In the new moon of March with good weather they would change the barrel. The barrels were of 300 pints as they did not have enough wine to fill a tun (600 pints). As soon as they were emptied they were cleaned and left to dry.Nowadays there is less wine drunk in the houses. The methods of payment have also changed. About wine production at present.