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SN-008a A01 What happened to a man who brought food up to a shepherd:Something similar to a white lamb was jumping by his side indicating the direction to take until it was sunrise. Then the lamb disappeared. On All-Soulĺs day a man was riding on his horse who had not gone to mass that morning. In Mamuxilo a light crossed his path so that the horse began to neigh.In Mamuxilo a light would sometimes appear. Someone died in Urtxel and it appeared early in the morning when a commercial traveller was going to Valcarlos.(04:55") The only time she felt real fear: When she was alone in the house, she had just finished some chore or other, and when she went to the hall on her way to bed, she heard some footsteps. She began to look everywhere and check everything but could see nothing. The following morning, when she got up to go to mass, she saw an enormous cat who would have been the cause of the noise the night before. When she mentioned the incident to people she was asked if she was saying prayers for her aunt.