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X-015b A02 lifestyle: He hadnĺt been home for eight years and he sees a big difference. The young people over there have more respect for their parents. Until they are twenty-one they are not of adult age and they cannot be served alcohol.The livestock has also changed. In Aniz there are less people.He lives in the north of California. The towns are further apart from one another.
X-015b A05 work - America - lifestyle: Over there to cover large distances they use the train or the bus. The people from there are more normal than the people here. People come up to greet you. About the change: When he went away the only car in the village belonged to the doctor. The young men over there work harder than here. The young people here do not want to work the land with the excuse that it is not economical. The young people prefer to work eight hours in a factory and then be free. The wages over there have not gone up in the last few years. Now nobody goes over from here. People from South America go now to do the work.Although the land does not give much money the people there would not sell it.