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D-068 A09
D-079 A01
I-017 B03 grammar:
I-021 A01
I-030 A01
I-032 A08
I-033a A01
I-033a B01
I-038 A03
I-079a A03
SH-003 A20
I-078b B3
N-033 A02
I-073a A07 anecdote
IC-016a A04
IC-012 A06
IC-012 A07 Basque language: - Basque language: behaviour to euskara
IC-006a A05
IC-005a A04 Speaking Basque with people from Vizcaya is difficult as he canít understand their Basque. And they hardly understand him either. The Basque language has that element about it, it changes from place to place and sometimes the speakers donít understand each other. This does not happen with Spanish, it is easily understood everywhere. In order to learn Basque it is necessary to speak it. Whoever does not have it in their blood and in their heart will not absorb it easily.
IC-017a A02 (Speaks differently, male). The Basque spoken by the people from Vizcaya is difficult. The grandfather and two uncles worked in Vizcaya.
IC-014b A01 Before the war all the houses in Abaurrea Baja spoke in Basque but the young didnít, although perhaps they understood it. They did not want to speak it, they didnít like the language. Some girls learnt it because they would go to Valcarlos and to Francia to work. However, those who went to Abaurrea Alta did not learn it. There the priest and the schoolmaster would not allow them to speak in Basque. Before the war the guards would shout at them roughly to speak in Spanish.There were never any guards in Abaurrea Baja and in Garaioa. In Abaurrea Baja there is only one speaker although some of the old people understand the language. In Salazar there were also Basque speakers although they spoke in a different way. There were also some from Mezkiritz. The Basque spoken in Mezkiritz is more like that from Aezkoa than from Salazar. In Salazar "they have another slant".
N-049 A02 After she got married she went to Argentine because her husband had a brother there and she herself wanted something more. She does not regret having gone there because she met many different types of people and because it was a very fine experience. At the Basque Centre in Buenas Aires she would get together with other Basque speakers and each would speak in their own dialect and with their own accent. But they made themselves understood easily. The people who went out there were honest hardworking people who wanted to get on. When she went to Argentina the economic situation was bad here and good there. But later things turned out the opposite. The situation gradually got worse there and better here. The government of Perůn, instead of helping people to work and study, handed out money and machinery to people who did not know how to use them, and they brought them to Buenos Aires. This produced a dependence on the government who were looking for votes and the eventual bankrupcy of the country.
SM-012a A01 He learnt Basque from his mother and his grandmother. His father was from Garaioa and he always spoke to them in Spanish. He is not sure that he can follow a conversation in Basque. They are carpenters. They lived for several years in Aoiz and then they went to Erro. When he was young all the kids spoke Basque in Abaurrea Baja.The Basque spoken in Aezkoa is clear, in Jaurrieta, on the other hand, it is different. They speak in "xuketa". Nowadays it is not like it used to be. The language has been lost there too.