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D-062 A13
D-066 A03
D-066 A06
I-035 A06
I-011 A06
I-041 B06 Funerals: when someone died, the neighbors would go to the house to help out. They would make the box. The wood was always at the ready in the houses. At night the children were at their prayers and they were called "hilortzaile"(gravediggers). They would go to the villages where there were relatives who would invite them. A great meal was prepared. If someone was forgotten to be invited then there would be arguments. The corpse used to be in the house. Before, everybody died in the village not in hospital. If it was necessary to take care of someone ill they went to the houses even if they were not relatives. They also helped out with work.
I-048 B13 jobs: When anyone died it was necessary to look for four gravediggers. They were young men who were strong and healthy and they would make the hole. Their families would get a present of a tree for firewood and that wood would also be cut by the gravediggers.The coffin was made by the carpenter. Nowadays they take one from Aezkoa or Pamplona.
SK-004b A01 buddhism Her uncle died in hospital. The nurses washed him and changed his clothes but the ceremony took place at home. The body is put in the front room with the head pointing towards the north ( you mustnĺt sleep with your head pointed to the north).They dress him in white and fixed his two hands together with the fingers intertwined.When his hands drop down they tie them and they put a white cloth round his face.The incense and the drawers.Sometimes an alter is set up in the house and other times in the morgue.Before the proper ceremony the people burn some incense and express their sympathy to the family. The night is spent around the body and care is paid to ensure that the incense bars keep alight at all times.Decorative elements: At the front door there is a big wreath of flowers and the hallway is filled with flowers. In this case all the entrance was full of flowers. In front of the door of the church, all the relatives tend to sit at a big table. They take the names in a special notebook and the amount of money.Later, to have a meal.At the ceremony there were three nuns. At the end of the prayers and songs from the holy book, which are sung rather than read, sympathies and greetings are expressed.The third step is to burn incense and read the telegrams.The people who had remained outside form a queue to burn the incense and do the same ritual.