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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
D-052 A03 grammar:
D-062 A14
I-017 B04
I-020 A07 miscellaneous
I-037 B11 miscellaneous
I-080 A05 miscellaneous
SM-011 A29
I-010 A10 anecdote
I-008a A5
I-007 B12
I-007 A3
I-007 A5
I-007 B1
I-016b A03 anecdote - village
I-041 B07 The priest lived in the “abbey”. He ha a servant.Nowadays the priest from Ilurdotz comes to the village.She has a nephew who is a priest in Vitoria.
IC-015b A12 Nobody is happy, everybody complains.Before the priest had a lot of power, but not anymore. Before, there was a lot of respect shown to the old. Nowadays there is no respect.
II-069a A01 school Introduction: the speaker spent the whole period of the war as a prisoner and there he met Mitterrand, who would become a future president of France.(01:46") He was born in 1907 in Ozta. He went to school until the age of twelve. His father was a soldier and as there were six brothers and sisters he had to leave school. They worked on the land and they had sheep.In the village there were forty four children. They played pelota. They had to speak in French. They all did what the priest said.He has good memories of his childhood. But he never learnt to dance, they only played pelota. They had to do as the priest said and he did not allow them to dance.
II-078b A01 miscellaneous Introduction: Father Iratzeder talks about Fr.Lertxundi.(02:15") Fr. Lertxundi was from Ziburu. His father was from Orio and his mother from Azkaian. The great-grandparents of the two families (that is, Fr. Lertxundi and Fr. Iratzeder) were related. When he was eighteen years old Lertxundi decided to become a priest) They sent him to Jerusalem and he was there for six years. By then he was already a musician. He studied the old songs from there. He returned in 1939. Here he also began collecting the old songs from village to village. In 1947 he pubished his great book “Kantikak". He returned to Jerusalem and spent fived more years there. On his return he made the Passion.
IC-005a A06 The priests would always tell them how to behave with each other and they were given great respect, unlike the present day.
X-007b A01 The process of becoming a priest. Previous studies and professional work. Studies in Rome. New priests normally go to Rome to study because the teachers at the seminary in the Pamplona diocese are getting on in years. The speaker graduated in basic theology from Rome and is now preparing his doctoral thesis.