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II-112a A01 Introduction to ┴ngel.The minstrel Bordel (1792-1879). In the war the village got burnt down and he rebuilt his house, Bordelenea. His name was Juan Etxamendi. One of the best poets of that time. One time he began to sing in the street and everybody came out to hear him and left their pots cooking on the fire. They all got their food burnt but they preferred to hear him. When he was young he was always with a pencil and some paper ready to write out verses at any moment.
II-140a A02 improvised verse The story of the Bordel house and the Bordel people, consequently a story about the minstrel, Bordel. Satrustegi collected verses of that minstrel in a book.(4.40ö) Verses from Ecclesiastics, sung by Martikorena.
II-111a A02 He has known Xalbador, Xanpun, Zubikoa Alkat, Esponda y Mixel as good minstrels, although he never knew Larramendi, he does know songs of his. His father used to sing by the fireside at night and that is how he learnt some. About some songs of love (from Xalbador), of war (from Bordel).
IC-013a A02 improviser of verses: The style of making verses has changed. The principles of the melodies. In order to be a good minstrel it is necessary to be able to speak well.He does not see himself as a verse-maker in the square. He would get very nervous.