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D-003 A14 wedding
IR-005 B03 travel
SR-009 B06
I-091a A02 anecdote - wedding How she met her husband. She was from Mezkiritz, but she went to a house in Zilbeti to work as a serving girl. Inocencio also used to work in that house.His two sisters got married and as Felipe, the brother, went to America he was left alone in the house of his parents. They got married in Burlada. A sister of Inocencio lived there and there they had the meal. They went to Pamplona by bus.On the honeymoon they went to San Sebastian.
IC-004a A03 On their honeymoon they were in San Sebastian and in France for one month. She never made any other trip. Her husband did, he travelled about quite a bit as he had a shop. At that time there were no cars but now everyone has their own one in the houses. In the old days there were beasts of burden in all the houses, but now there is not one left in any house. To thresh and to winnow. In the houses there was no running water, she herself would bring water from the fountain before the sun came up. She will soon be eighty-four years old.