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I-038 B03
I-038 B05
SD-004b B01 medicine:
X-031 B03 medicine: The cow has given birth and it has its udders full of warts. They disappear on their own but it could take up to a year.It was have difficulties to be milked. Solution: prepare a vaccine. Pomades. Homeopatic products. Give an anaesthetic and take out the warts with a scalpel.Traditional treatments: put a toad in a bottle and by the time it dies the warts will have disappeared. The toad takes four or five months to die and in this time the warts would have been able to disappear from their own accord.
SD-004a A04 medicine: There is a man in Ziordia who takes out warts.Two women from Madrid told Demetrio what that man had told the women about how he would get rid of the warts. He would go to the mountain and he would do something.In Arruazu each person counts their warts and tell another person. They go to the mountain and pick up a leaf from among the fallen leaves. They return to the village and then go to another mountain. They put the leaf under a stone and it is said that, as the leaf gradually rots away so will the warts gradually disappear.