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SC-011b A02 America When he left the sheep business he began to work as a pig slaughterer in a butcher’s company. They used to kill three hundred pigs in an hour. How they used to do the work. He was working there for six years. In 1972 he began to work as a gardener for his brother-in-law.
N-063 A01 Although born in Oderitz he lives in Irurtzun. He works in the butcher’s shop of his brother in Irurtzun. The sausage that they make has won a prize in the sausage competition at the fair in Alsasua. That type of sausage has no secrets. It is necessary to use fresh meat, paprika, natural garlic and salt.
II-061a A10 war
II-061a A18 music - war - game: