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SM-001b A03 At Xmas, on the 24th of December, in the morning they would put two trunks of wood on the fire one on each side. The ashes from them were kept during the rest of the year. Everyone went to midnight mass. What her grandma used to do: Before going out to mass she would look at all the corners of the fireplace to make sure that there were no wheat grains left. When she returned from mass the first thing she did was to go to the fireplace and look for grains of wheat. If she saw some grains she would give thanks to God because that sign signified that they would have bread in the house all year. The Xmas trunk was known as the “Subilaro” trunk as that day was the “Subilaro”. Every night of the year those ashes were piled up in the middle and were covered over. On top of them three crosses were made with the fire poker, saying "Jaungoikoak duela parte, aingeruek beste hainbeste eta gaiztoak ez batere". (“May the Lord have his share and his angels too, and may the wicked have nothing”). When the breaddough was being put in the oven the same prayer was said. On New Year’s Day the village gave out bread cheese and wine to all those who went, but the women did not go. On the eve of the 6th of January, the day of the Three Wise Men, the two best plates in the house were placed on the table and the eldest person in the house shuffled the cards and the youngest cut the cards. The cards were taken out in the following order: God, Virgen Mary, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and the children from the eldest to the youngest. When the King of Swords came out that person would be the king for that year. Then the children would run into the street with their bells and exclaim: “Long live King/Queen” “so-and-so”. The next day that person had to prepare the breakfast.