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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
I-057a A10
I-057a A04
I-057b B02
I-057b B07 grammar:
I-060b B05
I-079c B02
I-078b B8
I-078a A3
I-078a A2
I-058 B10
I-068d A06
I-061a A07 grammar:
I-061a A04 grammar:
I-061a A03 grammar:
I-061a A01
I-069b A04 grammar:
I-069b A02 grammar: - grammar:
I-012 A07
I-073a A04
I-077b B12
I-064a A05 grammar:
I-064a A06 grammar:
I-064a A08 grammar:
I-064a A04 grammar:
I-064a A02 grammar:
I-064a A03 grammar:
I-064a A01
I-068a A02
I-073b A06 Allocution, I am well, the door is closed, we are sitting, they are sleeping, Iĺm going home, she is going home, we are going out, they are going out.
I-076b A02 Zuketa/allocution (boy/girl) they killed the pig, I did a job for mother, my sister gave me bread, the father said nothing to the mother, that one told us a lie, we gave the key to her, I arrived late yesterday, the child arrived early, we used to live away, the parents went, my grandfather visited me, I lost the money, he had his house burnt down, we lost the bread, I was ill, the door was closed, we were sitting down, the children were sleeping, I was on the way home, she was heading for the village, we were going to the mountain, I knew that, father knew a lot, we knew very little, they knew Basque, I had money, that one had bread, we had a vegetable plot, they had bread, the keys dropped on me, she liked nuts, your brothers and sisters came, your brothers and sisters came.