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Recording Piece Others themes Sumary
I-011 A02 miscellaneous
II-135b A03 Aberri eguna - jewelry - hygiene There was a large meeting held and many important people took part. That was when the Enbata movement was created. "Itsasuko Agiria" (the Itsasu document) was set out. The declaration of the desire to declare Euskal Herria as to nation within Europe.To carry out this revindication the first thing was to create a Department for Euskal Herria, and for the status of the Basque language.Some people who were there and who formed part of the Board.Then came an important moment: the planting of a tree. There was a speech made and then they planted the tree, finishing the job on their hands and knees.After the meal there was one speech among others made by a Catalan person who highlighted the importance of the step which had been taken. A record of four song from Mixel Labegorri, among them"Gu gira Euskadiko", was released in public.(41:05") Summary and Goodbye.