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II-012c A04 (39:47”) The influence of the moon goes beyond a mere belief. Newton’s law is also at work between the Earth and the Moon and the Sun.Just as the tides are influenced by it, the Moon and the Sun attract the essence of the plants and the trees.Full Moon: the Sun is behind the Moon and that is why we see that part of the moon which is not in light. Consequently, during a full moon, as the Sun is on one side and the moon on the other, each pulls in its own direction and thus, the force is divided between the two.But when it is a new moon each one is pulling in the same direction and thus the force is stronger and this has a direct effect on the vegetable plots. Goodbye.
II-012c A03 agriculture - beliefs (28:53") The Moon has a lot of influence on the vegetable plots. The onions, for example, are planted in the fourth phase of the waning moon in December and gathered at the waning moon.Other beliefs.
II-012c A02 beliefs - weather: (20:55") The vegetables are planted in the fourth stage of the full moon and in the waning moon. Nowadays these things are taken into consideration when working on the plots. The ember days.For the plants it is not necessary to take so much notice of the Moon.The influence it has on animals.
II-012c A01 agriculture - beliefs - weather Introduction: The Moon and its influence.(02:20") Ember Days: The kind of weather during this period will be the kind of weather had during the following three months."Zotalegunak": The first twelve days of the year will be an anticipation of the weather over the next twelve months of the year.(08:05") The agricultural calendar depends on the lunar cycles. The harvest times depended on that and the sowed in the fourth phase of the new moon.It also had an influence on the livestock. Anecdotes. The time for cutting the wood also depended on the Moon. The wood for firewood was cut down as the moon was growing. Wood for furniture however, should be cut in the waning moon, as it will not get twisted when used.
II-113a A01 agriculture: Introduction: what has to be done in the vegetable plots in March. First, pay attention to the moon.(02:20”) the vegetables which are formed downwards should be sown in the fourth phase of the full moon. Those which grow upwards should be planted in the fourth phase of the new moon. The phases of the moon are also important when it comes to cutting down wood.In March the leeks should be sown as well as all kinds of lettuce, cabbage, carrot, parslay…They should be sown in dry earth. The manure is put down in November and December as it is then that the earth becomes strong.The month and the depth for the seeds in the earth should be taken into account.