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I-034 B08
IR-009 A03
IR-018 A02 carpentry
SM-007a A01
I-039 B02 anecdote
SM-006a A02 lifestyle - work: firewood He crossed into Iparralde many times at the smuggling. Normally they did not know what they were carrying. There used to be parcels of about twenty-five kilos. He was paid about 10 pesetas per night. They picked it up in Aldudesy and brought it to Mezkiritz. It took three or four hours as they did not use the roads.
SM-006a A07 They used to hunt wild boar, mountain goats, foxes, hares and woodcock. The best spot for the passing birds is in Sorogain but they always went to the woods. About seven men would normally go to hunt the wild boar and they did not use dogs. Now there are more wild boar than in the old days. The reason for this: in the old days the woods were much cleaner because they cut down trees and then there were more wild goats that would clean up a lot.
IC-003b A04 He has been to many places. In Irati there is a lot of pinewood.From Aezkoa the wood is brought down on the river, but he never did that.
N-020 A01 Forty years ago most people from the Baztan were working on the land. But as it was not economical enough to support everyone in the house, many went off to America or to France to work in the hills. At that time there were no machines and every thing was done by hand so that many people were needed to cut down the trees. They would go up in March and stay there until the winter. The trunks were brought out to the side of the road by animals and from there it was taken down.The process.For breakfast they would eat streaky bacon and at lunch, broad beans. For dinner, streaky bacon again, or broad beans.
SM-006a A02 lifestyle - work: firewood Perpetua’s father and her brother and Fermín himself and his father all used to work with wood in the mountain. He was working as a woodcutter until he was thirty two years old. The wood was mostly used for making coal. They were paid by meters and they used to send it to Pamplona.